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I'm 23 years old (born in '98) and I'm living in Bydgoszcz, Poland. I'm an artist and a businessman. I'm the biggest individualist which you ever met. I live just like I want to live and I'm doing what I consider is right. I'm pragmatic and eccentric. My life is just a big art performance, which doesn't prevent me from taking care of some more serious business. I'm against universal mediocrity and I create the world around me with the greatest precision and a sense of aesthetics. I am a perfectionist and idealist.

I'm a person of many industries. If I had only one thing to do, I would die of boredom. Managing various companies and doing private art projects at the same time is my way to an interesting life. What else I am self-taught in everything and I learn very quickly. I like trying new things and I love changes.

I don't have dreams, but goals to do. I don't wait, I just do what I have to do because I know that life doesn't last forever and I still have a few things to do. I'm just afraid that I won't be able to make everything that I want to do on time :)

Mateusz Ciemniecki
Mateusz Ciemniecki
Mateusz Ciemniecki
Mateusz Ciemniecki

Formal education

Secondary vocational education
Zespół Szkół Chemicznych in Bydgoszcz
photo technician (2014-2018)

A20 Qualification
Image capturing and processing

A25 Qualification
Making and implementation of multimedia projects

Artistic achievements

Feature films:
- Bracia Wojny (2015)
- Przemijanie (2015)
- Strach Nocy (2016)
- Wigilia Niejednej Zmiany (2016)
- Zabójstwo na East Endzie (in progress)

- Wszyscy zostaliśmy oszukani (2021)

Other projects:
- "Modern Silent Films" series (2015)
- YouTube channel "Z innej strony" (2018-2020)
- Series of winter fairy-tale sessions (2021)


- film directing
- direction of the photography (DOP)
- camera operator
- organization of film sets

- advanced film editing
- film color grading
- special effects (basics)

- digital photography
- analog photography
- advanced photo processing

- digital audio recordings
- analog audio recordings
- sound system production
- audio processing and mixing

- graphic design
- web design (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap)
- composition for printing (also books)

- managing a group of people
- remote company management
- managing a social media (basics)

My businesses

DM films

Film production and photography. Commercials, music videos, promotions, event videography, and YouTube content.

DM weddings

Wedding services. Modern wedding films, with attention to details, photography, and violinist.

DM tailoring

A clothing brand that produces and sells classic, high-quality clothing.


- classic menswear
- history of art
- architecture and urbanistic
- interiors design
- furniture design
- clothes design
- carpentry
- painting
- psychology
- public speaking
- Slavic culture
- 1920's and 1930's era
- YouTube (from the production side)
- language learning and linguistics
- personal development








Mateusz Ciemniecki
Mateusz Ciemniecki
Mateusz Ciemniecki
Mateusz Ciemniecki

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